The Future of Patient Care

    The future of patient care in the ICU is being shaped by complex mixes of forces  including increased utilization by an aging and increasingly multi-morbid patient population. As well as, reimbursements that are linked to outcome and care quality improvements and reduced available resources (personnel and technological). Other factors are the increasing requirement that care is standardized yet personalized, timely and cost-constrained, and data-driven care that is networked and electronically integrated.













     The promise of precision medicine, therefore, is that a greater understanding of individual data will lead to personalized treatment and improved outcomes. Current best practice is the use of ICU protocols to ensure standardization of care. The evolution of ICU technology now focuses on data acquisition and integration of the data to measure results and improve outcomes all while bridging the gap between limited staff and resources. The implementation of complex precision medicine strategies requires a protocolized approach that can be individualized to each patient.

 These forces lead to precision medicine. The future of ICU care involves resources limited but data rich environment that is digital and fully integrated into EMR. This will provide patient-centric care that is protocoled while also being personal.  This results into low cost with high quality care with accurate, responsive, and reliable assistance. All while being evidence-based and fluid to changing medical needs. Recent advances in our understanding of the complex interplay of health and disease have spurred a movement entitled precision medicine. All of medicine aspires to be precise particularly in the ICU. The idea of “the right drug for the right bug”.


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