The GoPilot: A drug delivery platform for enhanced ICU care

Analogous to an IV pump, the GoPilot is a drug delivery device that administers respirable therapeutics into the ventilator gas stream.


The GoPilot automates the actuation of the MDI at the correct time to ensure optimal dosing.


As a platform technology, The GoPilot permits the administration of any medication formulation that can be MDI based.


Automated and Programable, the GoPilot can be tailored to each patient's unique medical needs.


GoPilot Goals: Moving Precision Care into ICU Practice

When fully developed and implemented, the GoPilot will address the need to identify the discrete groups and subgroups of specific patient populations.

Adaptive to individual patient clinical and biological data the GoPilot allows for implementation of personalized treatment protocols that is specific to the individual patient.

The GoPilot will leverage current technology to improve the quality of care in a data rich but cost-constrained and resource limited ICU environment. 


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